Who is Palmyth?

The Palmyth Story

Born and raised in a coastal city, we have always explored our fishery and surrounding area since our childhood. Although we knew there where other protective gloves in the industry, we found that they were not suitable and could be improved. We also noticed there weren’t many options for gloves with good UV protection that helped protect the consumer against skin cancer. Finally, we felt there weren’t any protective gloves that provided warmth and were also suitable for cold weather.  

Starting Palmyth has been a dream that we've had for a number of years! We dreamed of creating a performance fishing gloves and an apparel line that would offer the functionality needed for the avid angler and outdoors’ men or women.

palmyth fishing shorts

Our team is comprised of a collection of innovative team members dedicated to making the best fishing gloves and apparel. Each of which spend countless hours designing, testing and fishing with the products as well.  We are excited to have begun work with professional anglers, Captains and novice anglers as well. Their experience will only make our products better.  

palmyth fishing gloves & apparel samples

We are proud to use high-technology, anti-microbial fabric that features built-in UV protection, MYTHCOOL ™ technology and quick-dry fabric that is comfortable as it stretches 4 ways! Our fabrics have unparalleled flexibility, and so much more.

Magnetic Technology

Our Cold Weather Magnet Convertible Series Gloves are staples in the fishing community.  For the first time ever, Palmyth has applied magnetic technology to fishing gloves!  Our cold weather gloves are boldly innovative and provide real warmth!  Our fast switch feature is extremely popular among anglers as well.  

palmyth fishing gloves magnet tech mittens


Palmyth’s Responsibility

At Palmyth, we care about protecting the environment. Palmyth products are environmentally friendly and offer biodegradable microfiber materials and very durable silicone print. We continue to explore new ways to care more for the planet. At the same time, the team is planning the pair of gloves made of new recyclable and environmentally friendly materials to reach sustainability.

We are very proud to have established a foundation that supports children’s education and also to help raise children’s awareness for protecting our oceans and rivers. The Palmyth fish pattern was designed by a group of talented young artists! This partnership was designed to influence their careers in the marine industry. We strive to influence the worldwide awareness for oceanic movement through beautiful artwork and designs that will help educate and promote the health of our oceans and river systems.  

palmyth fihsing shorts
Social Sharing

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We Welcome your Ideas

Check out our site and let us know how we can improve! Look for updated designs on our site! We update regularly.  

We sincerely thank you and we look forward to serving the fishing and outdoors community for years to come.